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The Original Cherry Bounce Whiskey

For the first time in 130 years, The Original Cherry Bounce Whiskey and Moonshine will be reborn since its last appearance on Cherry Mountain in Rutherford County North Carolina. Saturday, August 15th South Mountain Distilling Company in Rutherford College N.C., will make available the famed and most sought-after premium Whiskey and Moonshine since the 1890s. Made with aged Corn Whiskey, real Honey, Black Cherries and aged for 2 years, a limited batch of only 500 bottles in existence of the aged Whiskey will be made available for sale at this time. 


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Cherry Bounce Whiskey

750ml Alc. 45% AVB (90 proof)

NC Code 20160

A collaboration of two legendary moonshine families, the Smiths and Owens from the Bostic and Golden Valley area prove that generations of moonshining represents the history and legacy of an artform. South Mountain Distilling owner Don Smith and Cherry Bounce partner Lucas Owens are the first to have legalized their generational brews in over 155 years. Smith says “We wanted to bring this coveted beverage back to life in North Carolina. Sharing this legendary recipe from the past to the present we look forward to sharing our family history with the public.”


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