Just stop by for Tours & Tastings  but please call first 828-368-0681

If booking online , please book tours in  advance as below.

Tour with Tasting       Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm,

Sat. 11am -5pm ( Closed Sunday)

1 Day Distiller Experience    2 week notice (minimum)

We have so much going on, we don't want to miss an opportunity to meet you.  No payment is required at time of booking for our tours & tastings. However, the Distiller's Experience will require you to call  SMD and set up payment. 

Distilling Experiences

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The Company

Enjoy your favorite spirits at our sampling  stand at nationwide events.


No matter what your favorite drink is, we have something that will make you happy! You can find our Whiskey, Rum and Moonshine here.

THE Still

Our Still is a custom made 200 gallon still  with a copper column made right here in the US.  Plan a trip and tour our Distillery and enjoy a  tasting.

We are a family distillery that is carrying on a family tradition of making premium spirits.