'Ole Bessie #4

Named after the grandmother of Don Smith, 'Ole Bessie is a 200 gallon custom built still. The 3 plate custom column design was built for whiskies, rums and of course moonshine.  We wanted to replicate the triple distillation process our fore fathers used, while allowing the full flavors of the fermented beer or wine to come through. 'Ole Bessie produces a smooth one of a kind spirit. 

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The Company

Enjoy your favorite spirits at our sampling  stand at nationwide events.


No matter what your favorite drink is, we have something that will make you happy! You can find our Whiskey, Rum and Moonshine here.

THE Still

We are a family distillery that is carrying on a family tradition of making premium spirits.

Our Still is a custom made 200 gallon still  with a copper column made right here in the US.  Plan a trip and tour our Distillery and enjoy a  tasting.